Advantages of Storm Doors

Advantages of Storm Doors

Advantages of Storm DoorsStorm doors protect your exterior door from the elements and can help you save on your energy costs. There are a number of other advantages to installing storm doors at your home.

Available Storm Door Styles

There are three basic storm door styles available to homeowners.

Full View
A full view storm door includes a glass panel and a fully interchangeable screen panel. You can only use one of the panels at a time.

This style of storm door includes either a full or half screen which is always in position on the door. This option is convenient for homeowners, since it provides ventilation in the house during warmer months without to the hassle of removing (and then storing) either a glass or screen panel.

A retractable screen door has a panel that can be rolled up into the frame of the door when it is not in use. The screen is connected to the window of the storm door; when it is not in use, it rolls up on a tension dowel in the top of the door. It can provide a full-view door when not in use and a ventilating door when the screen is in use.

Advantages of Storm Doors
When homeowners are changing the configuration of their storm doors, they may not be focused on the advantages they provide.

Increases Natural Light
A storm door allows more natural light into the home, while blocking out unwanted insects, precipitation and visitors.

Adds Extra Security
Installing a key lock on the storm door will add more security to your home when you are away. It will make your house more challenging for would-be intruders, and may make you less likely to be the target of a crime.

Creates More Ventilation for the Home
Put off using air conditioning and open the screen on the storm door to allow cool air into your home instead.

Provides More Insulation in Colder Weather
Use weather stripping to seal off air leaks near your exterior door. A glass storm door will create a barrier of air that will help to keep your home warmer in winter.

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